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The PICCOLI TALENTI® competition will take place entirely in the Persio Flacco theater in Volterra (Pisa), a splendid medieval city which, from the top of a hill, dominates the hinterland of the provinces of Pisa and Livorno.  


The stage measures 10 x 9 meters, has a 7% gradient, has 2 wings on each side and a rear passage.

Registrations are possible by April 25, 2024, unless the maximum number of choreographies allowed is reached in order to respect the published times. In this case, the organization reserves the right to close them early.

The competition time for Baby and Children is scheduled from 09:30 to 14:00, with prizes, and for Juniors from 15:00 to 20:00, with prizes. These times are to be considered indicative, the official ones will be communicated by email and published on this site as soon as registrations are closed.

Check-in for participants will start at 08:30. There are no rehearsals, but once you have checked in and donned the passes, the dancers will be able to visit the stage to familiarize themselves with the spaces (unless this conflicts with the anti-covid measures currently in force).

Teachers must have with them a USB support with the backup music (only in MP3 format), to be used in the event that the music sent at the time of enrollment should present problems.


The competition is open to soloists and groups between the ages of 6 and 14, in the Classical / Neoclassical and Modern / Contemporary styles.  


Given the success and fun of the challenges proposed in the previous editions, we are happy to propose this moment again, in which the only protagonists are the dancers, free to vent their imagination and transform their feelings into dance steps. Each challenge has its own theme and its own music, which will be drawn by lot by the challengers themselves. 1 against 1, they will have 1 minute to embody that theme and impress the jury, sitting on the stage to cast the blatant vote. This category is reserved for dancers already registered in the competition


The theater has a capacity of 47 0 useful seats. Tickets to attend the competition will be sold at a price of 10 €. The presale purchase will be possible only through dance schools, which will be able to book them by sending an email by 25 April 2024  (subject to exhaustion of numbered seats)  filling in the form that will be sent. After this date, reservations will no longer be accepted and any remaining tickets will be sold on the day of the competition.

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